The history of breeding, how Teddy Bear Pomeranian came to us?

Teddy Bear Pomeranian or any other domestic dog belongs to the large family of dogs with more than 30 species. They also include wolves, coyotes, jackals, and foxes. For the domestic dog in general language use has the simple designation dog. He has a lot in common with his relatives from the Canids family: they all have a highly developed sense of smell, an excellent hearing and defend their territories.

Earlier it was assumed that dogs can only see black and white. In the meantime, it has been shown that they can also perceive a limited range of colors, comparable to a red-green visual impairment in humans.


Teddy Bear Pomeranian
Teddy Bear Pomeranian


Teddy Bear Pomeranian or any other dogs in Other Countries.

The dog has not been treated the same way in all countries. In ancient Egypt, like the cat, he was holy. His godlike qualities were attributed to him. That is why he had his own servants, wore expensive jewelry and got the best food. Only the Pharaoh was allowed to own pure-bred dogs. After his death, his favorite dog was often buried with him to protect him from suffering in the hereafter. You can find more informative description here:

In Europe, the Middle East and North America, paintings on walls, graves, and scrolls suggest that dogs were hunting together with humans during the Bronze Age, they were also found, guarding the entrance of graves. These findings show that dogs gained an important importance for humans early on.

Today, they are pampered mainly in Europe and the USA as pets, while in the developing countries and in many parts of Asia, they live rather neglected on the street, when guardians and working animals are used or even eaten. Now a day this is time to be a Smart Dog Lover.



Man breeds specialists

Soon, humans began to breed and breed dogs with specific characteristics. That is why today there are about 350 different races. Dachshunds or terriers are particularly good at finding foxes or badgers in their caves. Retriever dogs such as the Golden Retriever or the Labrador bring the hunted game back to the Huntsman. Want to know more about different dog breeds? Check dog breeds.

When people became sedentary and agriculture and livestock became more important than hunting, shepherd and guard dogs were added. Small breeds such as the Pekingese or the Chihuahua, the smallest breed in the world, were bred mainly as lap-dogs. take a look at the info of the teddy bear Pomeranian

To this day, the different races have retained their characteristics, which were important for their originally intended task. Therefore, future breeders should consider which breed best suits them. A sporty dog, for example, needs a lot of movement and a guard dog will be able to defend his territory at any price.


How do dogs communicate?

Dogs are social animals and prefer to live with humans or other dogs instead of alone. That is why they are dependent on communicating with others. Dogs have a repertoire of barking, growling and howling. Each sound has a certain meaning. Will the dog warn you to gamble, is he afraid or is he hurt? People often have to learn the language of the dog first so they can understand it correctly.

Teddy bear Pomeranian facts

Dogs express themselves not only through sounds but also through body language. Lie on the back and offer the other’s throat, that means subservience. When they are afraid, dogs pinch the rod, lay their ears, and duck. They rejoice, wiggling their tails.

Their social struggles make dogs – unlike loners and cats – not only a companion but also an ideal helper. As a blind dog, they lead their masters, as police dogs they sniff out, among other things, drugs or explosives, and as therapy dogs, they can get the condition of patients. Smart Dog Lover Best Buddy of Dog Owners & Lovers.